Okuma machines

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  • For decades Japan has been unmatched in the arena of high-end machine tools, and Okuma has led the charge through it all. As expected from high-end Japanese machines, Okumas match a versatile and intuitive coding interface with powerful tools, from lathes and machining centers to grinders and lasers. Even among their peers, Okuma is renowned for their excellent construction, putting out some of the sturdiest machines in the world. Obviously, all these boons aren’t without a cost—these machines won’t come cheap, and they’re not the easiest for a hobbyist to work with—but the performance they offer on each machine will pay off dividends for any shop able to shoulder the initial cost.

    Buyng a Used Okuma:

    Because of the price tag, used Okuma CNCs are a popular choice when looking for a quality machine that won’t break the bank. Okumas can last shops up to 40 years, and they’ve been at the top for a long time, so even a real dinosaur can serve you well as long as it was been maintained. Speaking of maintenance, Okuma offers customers one of the best support networks in the industry, having provided a 24/7/365 service line since 1993. They also boast a vast warehouse of spare parts, and their “zero obsolescence” policy means that they can deliver parts for even their oldest models, and all with one day shipping. Overall, when it comes to any machine they offer, a used Okuma is one of the best investments a shop can make.