Cincinnati Milacron machines

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  • Though the name Cincinnati Milacron may not mean much to your everyday machinist, veterans will know that Cincinnati, or “The Mill” as it’s known, has one of the most storied and prestige histories in the world of machine tools. Founded in the 1880s, Cincinnati manufactured world class machine tools for the better part of a century. Though they faltered initially amid the switch to CNC and the rise of Japanese imports, by the 90s The Mill had once again taken position as one of the leading manufacturers of machine tools in the world. Though the company has since rebranded as simply “Milacron” and shifted focus to their immensely successful plastic processing division, sturdy old used Cincinnati mills and lathes are still a mainstay in many a workshop.

    Cincinnati’s century of experience is shown across every machine they’ve manufactured. While The Mill was never able to catch up to Fanuc or Mazak in terms of CNC controls, their solid construction remains nearly unmatched. While their focus on quality builds over mass production may have ultimately caused Milacron’s decline in the market, it’s only a boon to anyone looking to pick one up now. The company’s restructuring means that spare parts are a bit hard to come by, but that these machines remain in such heavy use despite the lack of manufacturer support is a true testament their quality and durability. Maybe not the best choice for someone used to the clean-cut world of modern CNC, but if you’re willing to put in a bit of work, a used Cincinnati machine will be more than willing to work just as hard for you.

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