Amada machines

Machine Type

  • When machinists think of top of the line equipment, one country comes to mind: Japan. Amada brings the same Japanese engineering that fuels Mazak and Okuma’s mills to the world of saws, grinders, presses, and more. Their precise controls and robust design has made Amada’s machinery a mainstay in fabrication shops all around the world for over 70 years. The Amada name is a true seal of quality on any machine.

    Buyng a Used Amada:

    Amadas are built to take a beating, so a used Amada turret punch or saw is a great choice, even if it’s been around the block a few times. That durability also means that if it’s time to bring in a newer model, you may find yourself with a lot more resale value than from other brands. Amada also offers comprehensive technical support for all owners through their email and phone lines, as well as in person inspections by qualified technicians. The widespread nature of the brand also means that if you end up in a bind, you’ll never be too far from another Amada machinist.